Kia Ora, Aloha, Bonjour and Konnichiwa. Whatever you speak, or wherever you are reading this from, I wanted to say hello, just one more time.

I’ve been writing under this exact blog, orbitsoftaylor, for over 2 years now. Throughout that period of time I’ve gone through many phases, explored dozens of passions, and learnt a lot, which is exactly why I am sitting here once again, with a blank canvas infront of me. I’ve once again decided to clear my content, and give this blog a revamp. A fresh start as I like to think of it. The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect either, my college career is officially over, and in a matter of months my life as a university student will have begun.

This is why getting back into blogging is exceptionally exciting. As some of you may know, my passion for writing is undeniable. When we can’t express ourselves verbally, sometimes our fingers have a magical way of typing out thoughts – it’s powerful. A gift that often we forget how much we adore until we are reunited with; a sensation similar to how I am feeling now.

In the past I’ve written about music, food, politics and social issues – you can expect that to remain the same. With that being said, I have a feeling this edition of orbitsoftaylor will be slightly more personal. In a matter of months I’ll be moving away from home, leaving behind my friends, family and job – all of which are incredibly important to me. As scary as that sounds, we all know that as one door closes, another one opens. In the months ahead of me, I’m expecting to start feeling many emotions; some will be of excitement, others not so much. But this will be a journey, one that I need to learn to cherish and welcome with open arms.

So for those of you that have been reading my blog for years now, I hope that you will enjoy what is to come. I’ve connected with dozens of beautiful bloggers from all around the world, and hope to continue to do so on this next adventure of mine. But for those of you who are new to my blog, welcome. I hope you will enjoy following the next half of my 17th orbit around the sun, and in turn, I can’t wait to learn more about your orbits.

Until then though,



Author: txylorf

My name is Taylor and I am a coffee drinking, rock music blasting, fashion adoring, make-up obsessed, black dressed barista on her 16th orbit around the sun.

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